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Forum for the Future is an independent non-profit working globally with business, government and other organisations to solve complex sustainability challenges.

Our Futures Centre uses the collaborative potential of the digital world to help make the big shift to a sustainable future. By tracking trends, sharing resources, and stimulating dialogue, we can explore how change is unfolding and make considered choices about what we do today for better outcomes tomorrow.

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The value of the Futures Centre will increase over time: the more you share your perspective, the more easily we can work together towards the future we want.


Share the change you’re seeing. Help us find ‘signals of change’: small but important ideas, innovations and events that might suggest a new trajectory that could shape the future operating landscape.


We’ll carefully curate the information you share, drawing out insights and finding windows of opportunity for change in areas which seem ripe for transformation. We’ll use them as starting points for collaborative projects between the organisations and individuals who can take collective action.


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What is the Futures Centre?

The Futures Centre aims to be a powerful online platform that draws on Forum for the Future’s long history of using futures techniques to help businesses and other organizations achieve a big shift to a sustainable world. It tracks today’s trends that are most likely to have an impact on our future, stimulates conversation about which areas are most ripe for change and then uses these ‘windows of opportunity’ to make change happen by working with the people most likely to be able to help.


What can I find on the website?

On the website, you can find:

  • Trends that describe how the world is changing and what this means for organisations that want to thrive in the long-term and demonstrate pioneering leadership in sustainability

  • Ongoing monitoring and crowdsourcing for signals of change, with analysis of their potential impacts for organisations

  • Space to explore these ideas and connect with the people and organisations who can help make change happen.

You can create your own collection of resources, to read at your leisure or use in workshops.

The Futures Centre also features topic hubs, where we draw on all the elements above to explore the impact of change on key sustainability issues shaping our future.

How can I interact with the Futures Centre?

Register as a user on the platform to share articles, resources and comment on content. You will also be invited to sign up for our newsletter.

What are signals of change?

Signals of change are small but important ideas, innovations and events that might suggest a new trajectory that could shape the future operating landscape. One might be a new social movement; another might be a piece of software, or a step-change in biomedical science. Signals of change point to emerging challenges and opportunities to create a sustainable world..


How can businesses and other organisations build collaborations through the Futures Centre?

Critical to the success of the Futures Centre is its ability to bring together the right people around a particular issue, so that they can explore their shared challenges and work together to overcome them.

Topics hubs are the principal way for bringing people and organisations together through the Futures Centre; they give interested stakeholders within a sector the opportunity to convene around a particular issue, and are intended to spark conversation and potentially collaborations.

In that way the platform is an extension of the work Forum already does in building cross-sector collaborations, and in the case of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative, for example, it will provide an opportunity to increase the reach and potential of an existing coalition.

There is also the potential to stimulate dialogue and build working relationships if an article or signal for change proves a particularly dynamic subject, and the Futures Centre team actively pursues ways of continuing those conversations.



Does the content on the Futures Centre have editorial independence from your Partners and other supporters?

Much of the content written for the Futures Centre by Forum staff, such as the trend overviews, signals of change and responses to user comments, will be entirely independent of our Partners.

Topic hubs are either funded by external organisations or paid for internally. Where they are joint ventures, we will share editorial rights with the funding partner for the majority of content, although there will still be some areas within the hub where we maintain full editorial control. In any event, only content which Forum determines to be supporting our mission will be included on the platform.

Inviting and building commentary and submissions from external sources is a critical objective of the Futures Centre and its success relies upon it. This input will be moderated by the Futures Centre team for suitability, but will of course be an expression of the views and opinions of the contributor.

Can I syndicate content from the Futures Centre?

Publications are welcome to syndicate content on the Futures Centre. We ask them to credit the author, the Futures Centre as the source, and to include a link to the original copy at the top of the republished content. We cannot share the rights to images published on our site. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

If you have any questions, please contact Julia Clough on j.clough@forumforthefuture.org or +44 (0)20 7324 3614.

These publications syndicated content from our former magazine, Green Futures: CSRWire, Global Initiatives, Guardian Sustainable Business, Huffington Post, Triple Pundit, Reconecta and Urban Times.  

About our Topic Hubs

The Futures Centre features Topic Hubs , areas where we convene key influencers to explore future trends shaping today’s industries and issues to share where they see change happening and the potential implications. Which areas in your industry are calling for a deeper understanding of future challenges? Please tell us which topics you’d like us to explore next: futurescentre@forumforthefuture.org

What is a topic hub?

A topic hub is an area where businesses, non-profit organisations, and individuals can collectively monitor the future of a specific area of interest. Participants can gain a better understand of how change is happening and its future implications through discussion, horizon scanning and exploring the convergence of future trends. Our first topic hub explores the future of shipping. Other topic hubs might explore how we finance emerging climate solutions, or the potential and limitations of bio-technology to deliver a sustainable future.


What does a topic hub provide?

Participants benefit from:

  • shared monitoring of change across a targeted community

  • insights and observations from other influencers and decision-makers

  • journalism, comment, analysis and visualisations to make sense of change

  • opportunities to meet other influencers and decision-makers relating to the topic

  • opportunities to identify windows of opportunity for action and collaboration


How is a topic hub financially supported?  

The Futures Centre works in partnership with one or a number of funding organisations who recognise the value of understanding how change today will impact on their future.


Would my organisation benefit from a topic hub?

Your organisation would benefit if:

  • It would like to build long-term decision-making into its culture

  • It is committed to making decisions to support a sustainable future

  • It is looking to be part of sector-changing collaborations


Can a topic hub have more than one partner organisation?

Yes. Organisations may partner together to co-sponsor a topic hub and share the benefits of collective trend monitoring.

What happens if a partner organisation would like additional functionality on a topic hub?

We are committed to supporting our partner organisations to accelerate sustainability, and welcome such requests. The cost of the development will be factored into the partnership.

What is the first step to becoming a partner for a topic hub?

We look forward to talking about the options with you. Please contact Ariel Muller at a.muller@forumforthefuture.org