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Welcome to the Futures Centre.

Join our global community movement to track signals of change and accelerate sustainable action // by Forum for the Future.

Sensemaking / What would it look like if governance was done on a global scale?
Louise Armstrong  
Sensemaking / Hearing it from Gen Z: a social media masterclass
Anna Simpson  
Sensemaking / Recent scientific advances for the transition to a Circular Economy
Megan Thomsett  
Sensemaking / Regenerative agriculture is essential to our sustainability goals
Iain Watt   03
Sensemaking / Why aren't clean drinking water fountains as accessible as throw away plastic bottles?
Fiona Dowson   01
Sensemaking / Net Positive: a radical shift in leadership and economics
Anna Simpson   01
Sensemaking / How 2017 transformed the protein system
Jane Boswell  
Sensemaking / Top signal spotter Gemma Adams
Gemma Adams  
Sensemaking / Opensource supply chain maps are changing the game for transparency
Anna Simpson  
Sensemaking / Our future with A.I. – doom or bloom?
Michaela Rose  

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