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First international gathering takes on the Protein Challenge

Sensemaking / First international gathering takes on the Protein Challenge

Find the latest on the future of protein in December's newsletter roundup.

By Simon Billing / 23 Dec 2016

Last month, we brought protein innovators and leaders from across the world together for the first international meeting of the Protein Challenge 2040. In the same room we had a start-ups and innovators, NGOs, global food companies, and food service companies.
What binds us all? A common conviction that we need to change what we eat and the way we produce it, if we want to nourish 9 billion people. We all recognise that this is extremely complex: it’s culturally sensitive, and presents a great challenge to many in business and government.
Through workshops, research and in conversation, we have been designing ways to overcome barriers to a more sustainable protein system – ranging from cultural norms through to policy and the products themselves. Significant mobilisation in the last year could change the game for protein, from investment pressure to new product launches.

Latest on the Protein Challenge 2040

What happened in 2016 to shape the future of protein? // Investors, regulators and innovators are rapidly changing the future of protein. Here are the major milestones of the last year.

New project to scale aquaculture innovations in India and Bangladesh

The Soneva Dialogue: Seafood Companies Launch Major Initiative

We see that there is no single solution. Everyone involved in delivering protein today has a role to play in finding more sustainable ways forward. One challenge is that food is so deeply held in customs and traditions. With this in mind, we are engaging chefs, as the culinary designers and influencers of our diets.
We're also taking a hard look at animal feed - a big blind spot.
In 2017, we’re looking to grow the teams behind our projects, and keen to talk to people in all parts of the protein chain, from chefs to retailers to feed companies. Join us to change the game for protein in 2017 and tell us what you think in The Protein Challenge 2040 LinkedIn group.   

Signals of change

Turin plans to become a ‘vegetarian’ city

Canadian Food Bank opens first ever aquaponics farm to feed local people

Investors urge four large meat producers to address water risks

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