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We track change to accelerate action for a sustainable future. Join us!

The Futures Centre is run by Forum for the Future, an independent, international non-profit with a 20 year track record in driving sustainable development. Our purpose is to accelerate the big shift to a sustainable future by transforming whole systems.

By tracking trends, sharing resources, and stimulating dialogue, we can harness the digital world to explore how change is unfolding and make considered choices about what we do today for better outcomes tomorrow. You share what you’re seeing and we carefully curate the information you share, drawing out insights and finding windows of opportunity for change in areas which seem ripe for transformation.

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We also produce the Future of Sustainability - our annual collection of long-term thinking from 
Forum for the Future. In 2018, we delved into seven crucial trends that will impact change for 
a sustainable future.

The Futures Centre is run by Forum for the Future, 
an independent, non-profit working globally with
business, government and other organisations to
solve complex sustainability challenges.

The Futures Centre would like to thank Forum for the Future's Network members for their support, and in particular the partners showcased here. 
We also offer special recognition and thanks to Novelis for its generous support of the Futures Centre.

To learn more about the Futures Centre, please contact George Harding-Rolls, Senior Communications Strategist at Forum for the Future.