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An annual collection of futures insights

The Long View / An annual collection of futures insights

In 2015 and 2016, Forum for the Future published The Long View, an annual collection of insights into the most crucial shifts taking place today.

In the latest edition of The Long View (2016), we explored six crucial questions for a sustainable future:

  1. Crisis Catalyst: Can we redress the balance in global resources?
  2. Work. Why? Will we make automation our friend or foe?
  3. Living Energy: Is smart energy listening to our needs?
  4. Women Beyond Gender: How are shifting attitudes clearing new ground for action?
  5. Microbial You: If our gut is a germ's world, what does it mean to be healthy?
  6. Citizen Innovation: How can people work together to change the worlds they inhabit?

A final chapter explored the future of networks. Forum for the Future has been nurturing a powerful network of change agents and sustainability leaders for 20 years. Now, our eyes are set on 2036: what will prove the most powerful ways to develop communities of system innovators over the next two decades?

Our goal was to ignite conversation and inspire action to shape a more sustainable future, with the hashtag #longview2016.

To find out more, please contact The Long View's editor, Anna Simpson:

All articles from The Long View 2016 are now available on the Futures Centre.