The life-cycle of phones: a comic book

Resource / The life-cycle of phones: a comic book

By Anna Simpson / 21 Aug 2017

This comic book by Damage Control, a New Delhi-based design company, brings India's e-waste problem to life through the stories of our discarded handsets, and their impact on those who process the waste in communities such as Seelampur - also known as India's digital underbelly. 


This brilliant comic-book captures the life-cycle of a mobile phone from birth to death | FactorDaily

Last week, FactorDaily's Pankaj Mishra wrote one of the most definitive stories on India's e-waste crisis ever written. Told through the lives of people living and working in Seelampur, a Delhi basti whose inhabitants specialise in stripping down discarded electronics into valuable metals and other resalable elements, the story was an indictment of the modern desire to own ever newer versions of gadgets.


What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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