A new framework for regenerative design

Resource / A new framework for regenerative design

By Gemma Adams / 03 May 2017

Sustainability is not enough: we need regenerative cultures. In the book Designing Regenerative Cultures, Dr Daniel Wahl introduces a framework for regenerative design: design that creates regenerative cultures capable of continuous learning and transformation in response to, and anticipation of, ongoing change. Wahl argues that the word 'sustainability' is inadequate because it doesn’t tell us what we are actually trying to sustain. Instead, we should be aiming for regenerative cultures that safeguard and grow biocultural abundance for future generations of humanity and for life as a whole. The framework describes the change in mental model and cultural narrative that’s intrinsic to our evolving understanding of sustainability. Here is an excerpt. 

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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