Findings of trial energy matching service

Resource / Findings of trial energy matching service

By Gemma Adams / 08 May 2017

Discover the findings of a trial collaboration between innovative technology company Open Utility and 100% renewable energy supplier Good Energy over six months in 2015, set out in the report, 'A glimpse into the future of Britain’s energy economy' .

The report focuses on lessons from Piclo, a pilot peer-to-peer energy matching system that allows consumers to select which generators to buy electricity from according to their technology preferences and locality. It updates every half-hour, making adjustments using pricing and consumer preference information - and providing customers with data visualisations and analytics. Good Energy provides contracts, meter data, billing, customer service and balances the marketplace.

As increasing numbers of landowners, community groups and individuals finance and maintain distributed generation assets, the next step is for the electricity to be purchased by their local community.

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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