Driving forces for Singapore in 2035

Resource / Driving forces for Singapore in 2035

By Jiehui Kia / 01 Jun 2017

2017 marks twenty years since the Singapore government's first set of national scenarios in 1997. The country has developed another four sets of national scenarios since, with the most recent exercise completed in 2016.

The work is led by the Centre for Strategic Futures (www.csf.sg) within the Prime Minister's Office, and the Centre has published the set of 18 "driving forces" that informed the scenarios, which have not been released to the public. The drivers provide a great snapshot of what the forward-looking city-state is keeping a close eye on, and provides much food for thought for cities and nations having to navigate the uncertain and unchartered waters of the next two decades.

The Driving Forces (DF) Cards 2035 were produced in 2016 to spark conversations on the key forces of change that will shape Singapore's operating environment in the next 20 years. It combines the Environmental Scanning and Sense Making SP+ tools to identify trends and potential disruptors that could impact the global order, the way people live, work and interact, and how governments operate in this time frame. The cards are not intended to be exhaustive, but offer alternative ways to think about the future.

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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