SeaNRG: developing sustainable marine fuel

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By Futures Centre / 17 Mar 2015

SkyNRG announces a next step in the further development of the marine fuel market – SeaNRG. Current SkyNRG CEO and founder Dirk Kronemeijer will start this new venture and becomes the founder and CEO of SeaNRG. He will still have a connection with SkyNRG as shareholder & company founder in a number of key projects, but he will step away from day to day SkyNRG activities. Current CTO Maarten van Dijk will take over as SkyNRG CEO.


Dirk Kronemeijer commented:

“We have been working on the sustainable marine fuel proposition for the last two years, and now seems to be the right time to start. We will announce our first project with a great launching customer soon.”


Maarten van Dijk commented:

“We are proud Dirk is taking on this next challenge, if there’s anyone who can make this happen for marine, it’s him. SkyNRG will continue to focus on the further development of sustainable fuels for aviation.” 


SkyNRG Media Relations, tel. +31 20 470 20 20,

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