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By Futures Centre / 25 Mar 2015

Consumer Futures 2020 is a practical tool to help the global consumer goods industry, including retailers, brands and manufacturers, plan for the future. Developed by Forum for the Future, it contains of four different, but entirely plausible, scenarios exploring how patterns of consumption and consumer behaviour may have changed by 2020.


The scenarios look at how global trends will affect consumers and the consumer goods industry, and how sustainable products, services and business models could become mainstream. That helps identify risks and opportunities, inform strategy development, and stimulate innovation.


Sainsbury’s and Unilever, who supported the work, have used them to explore new ways of collaborating to deliver sustainability and commercial benefit to both organisations.


There’s also a toolkit to help use the scenarios, with six sketched-up products and services for each scenario illustrating how brands could meet consumer needs in 2020, and a set of personas to understand different future consumer perspectives.

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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