Verdantix: Hot Trends for Sustainability Management 2015

Resource / Verdantix: Hot Trends for Sustainability Management 2015

By David Bent / 01 Apr 2015

Verdantix have published a report exploring  the key sustainability management trends that will impact businesses in 2015 and beyond. The analysis finds that with approaches to sustainability maturing, leaders will find their attention drawn towards company specific risk-based thinking objectives and how to efficiently integrate alternative strategies, such as green infrastructure, into their plans.

  1. Sustainability strategies will start to systematically use risk-based thinking.
  2. Supplier sustainability assessments will move beyond checklists.
  3. Businesses will mature their approach to Social Licence to Operate.
  4. Water scarcity concerns will increase corporate investigation of natural capital risks.
  5. Green infrastructure strategies will gain popularity for water management.
  6. EH&S and sustainability job functions will migrate closer together.
  7. Non-financial reporting will continue its slow incremental growth.
  8. Materiality assessments will be the focus of sustainability strategy review in 2015.
  9. Businesses will mature their strategies for monentizing sustainabilty trends.
  10. Singapore will position itself as an Asian hub for sustainability.

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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