‘Sweet Spots’ for sustainability 2016-2025

Resource / ‘Sweet Spots’ for sustainability 2016-2025

By Gillian Phair / 15 May 2015

Volans have created a really interesting report on the ‘Sweet Spots’ in the future of sustainability. Below is a summary of the key ideas.

Three key takeaway points:

1. Change within business, capitalism and markets are our best chance of a sustainable economy. All must evolve dramatically for this to occur.

2. It is pertinent to recognise ‘Sweet Spots’ in the economy. These sweet spots are areas in the market where new forms of value are being created. Currently, investment into these markets is worth trillions of dollars.

3. The areas of highest change potential lie between the nexus of technology and business. Where there is great opportunity, these Sweet Spots should be recognised and developed.

Volans highlighted 14 ‘Breakthrough Sweet Spots’ where there are key emerging developments.

1. 3D Printing: Prototyping Tomorrow

2. Accounting: Tomorrow’s Bottom Line

3. Air-Conditioning: The Cold Economy 

4. Biomimicry: Nature’s Magic 

5. Construction: Smart Cities 

6. Clean Water: Thirst For The Future 

7. Data: Big & Little 

8. Drones: Over Our Heads 

9. Electric Vehicles: Charging Ahead 

10. Finance: Following the Money 

11. Food: Tomorrow’s Menus 

12. Genomics: The Genius of Genes 

13. Geoengineering: Planetary Medicine 

14. Internet of Things: Everything’s Connected 

There is a great summary page for each of these 14 Sweet Spots. It highlights growth points, discussion within the literature and how developments in these areas can lead to a breakthrough. 

Some fun facts which are noted in the document: 

- As reported by the WHO, air pollution costs Europe £1.5 trillion a year – that is 10% of the continents GDP.

- To decarbonise our society, the Capital Institute have estimated that $20 trillion would need to be written off in the global economy.

- Frost and Sullivan predict that the capacity of renewable will double from 2012 levels by 2025. This is a growth rate of 5.7%

- The market for global sustainability consulting will grow to $1.01 billion in 2020, up from $877million in 2015 at a growth rate of 4%, according to Verdantix predictions.

Spotted by Charlene Collison’ 

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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