Report assesses insects as solution to Europe’s protein deficit

Resource / Report assesses insects as solution to Europe’s protein deficit

By Juliette Aplin / 31 Jul 2015


The European Commission-funded PROteINSECT project has published a business case report into using insects as a viable, sustainable source of protein for use in animal feed in Europe.


Insects are currently banned from being used in livestock feed in Europe. However, the PROteINSECT project is working with regulatory authorities to assess the potential for incorporating insect protein into animal feed in order to meet the growing demand for non-imported protein sources in the region.


The report outlines the advantages of exploring insect-based protein sources, and highlights the current key barriers to adopting insects into animal feed within Europe at scale.


The research finds a high level of support for insects as a protein source in animal feed amongst farmers and the general public, with a desire for more information. The most significant barrier to using insect protein within livestock feed is the lack of data on the safety and nutritional qualities needed to justify a change in EU regulation.

The report provides a 'stepping stone' to a White Paper to be presented by the PROteINSECT project to the European Parliament in late 2015. 


 Resource shared by Ivana Gazibara

Image Credit: USDA / flickr

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