What emerging trends are shaping India's future?

Resource / What emerging trends are shaping India's future?

By Juliette Aplin / 05 Aug 2015


Unbox Cultural Futures identifies twelve interdisciplinary trends illustrating the cultural innovation currently taking place in India.


1.   Enterprises & Social Responsibility – the boundaries between for-profit and not-for-profit businesses are blurring. What do the new hybrid business models looks like?

2.   Connected Communities – social media and technology driven start-ups are creating new defining of communities and connecting people. What codes of conduct and rules of engagement are required in this new social context?

3.   Makers in India - how does the emerging Maker movement sit with India’s massive informal economy and artisan traditions?

4.   Cultural Ethnography - young urban Indians are creating and sharing cultural archives, and using a variety of new media to do so. How can they represent Indian identity? 

5.   (Indi) food - chefs are exploring India’s diverse food heritage, and experimenting with cross-cultural fusions. In the process, they are evolving a new kind of Indian cuisine. 

6.   We the People - a growing wave of social initiatives are informing and empowering citizens to have a larger say in planning, policy and political issues. Will this strengthen engagement between the people and their government? 

7.   (Re) Appropriating Space - Urban Indians are demanding the right to the city, and better quality of life in India's cities. How can value be added to underutilized or abandoned urban spaces? 

8.   Multiplay – How can India’s gaming industry reconcile the sobering reality of India’s working population with the idea of experimental playfulness?

9.   Clean India – How can changes in daily behaviour be encouraged to ensure a ‘clean’ India?

10.   Engaging the Past - how can India look to its heritage in order to arrive at a better more sustainable future? What new ways can be used to tell better stories or consumer and engage with cultural heritage? 

11.   Accessible Healthcare - How can new mediums and technologies enable access to affordable healthcare India? 

12.   Art without Lineage – How can art move outside of the traditional stronghold of galleries, and explore more inclusive spaces such as the streets? 


Unbox Cultural Futures illustrates each trend with four case studies featuring innovative organisations who are shaping India’s creative economy.


Unbox started in 2011 as a festival in Delhi to celebrate the ideas emerging across art, culture, design, technology and social innovation. The festival aims to foster collaboration and seed new ideas. Unbox has now published its first cultural mapping effort. In doing so, Quicksand, the company behind the festival are hoping to celebrate the complexity of a culture in transition, and India’s emerging creative economy.


Image: Unbox Cultural Futures Festival, Dehli

Image credit: Quicksand

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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