[Podcast] Seaweed, a forgotten food?

Resource / [Podcast] Seaweed, a forgotten food?

By Juliette Aplin / 02 Sep 2015


BBC Food Programme - Seaweed, a forgotten food?


In some cultures, seaweeds have long been an important and treasured food. However, it is not an ingredient currently found in many British kitchen cupboards.


With a rise in scientific interest into the unique compounds within seaweeds, an appreciation of its unique flavour properties, and trials of its uses as a food fortificant, BBC Food Correspondent, Sheila Dillon asks if seaweed is a food of the future?


This podcast was initially broadcast on BBC Radio 4, on 7 May 2012, as part of the BBC Food Programme series.



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Source: BBC Food Programe, Radio 4 © 2012 BBC

Image credit: Rosa Say / Flickr


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