[Podcast] A soya bean future?

Resource / [Podcast] A soya bean future?

By Juliette Aplin / 02 Sep 2015



  BBC Food Programme – A Soya Bean Future?


What is the future for one of the world’s most successful and controversial crops? Soya beans are fundamental to the protein industry as both the main ingredient in feed for livestock, and a meat-free substitute for human consumption. As an edible oil, soya is also present in 60% of all processed foods in products as varied as cheese, biscuits, ice cream, noodles and baby formula.


BBC Food correspondent, Dan Saladino, reports on the latest trends in soya bean production across north America, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Have we become too dependent on the soya bean he asks, and can the increasing demand be met in a sustainable manner?


This podcast was initially broadcast on BBC Radio 4, on 14 May 2012, as part of the BBC Food Programme series.




Source - BBC Food Programe, Radio 4 © 2012 BBC

Image credit: CIAT / Flickr


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