Map tracks transboundary haze in the Singapore region

Resource / Map tracks transboundary haze in the Singapore region

By Juliette Aplin / 14 Sep 2015

The ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre has produced a map tracking transboundary haze in the region.





The map provides combines daily rainfall, wind and peatland data to produce live updates on the regional haze situation. It also identifies hotspots, or locations with possible active fires.


As shared by the People’s Movement against Haze (PM.Haze), an awareness-raising NGO in Singapore behind the campaign 'We breathe what we buy' in Singapore, over 5000 forest fires have been caused by irresponsible practices in Indonesia and Malaysia so far in 2015. Almost 970 of those fires are in supposedly protected areas.


The group also  notes that 2500 people across the Riau province, Sumatra, suffered acute respiratory problems caused by haze in August 2015. Reduced visibility in South Sumatra provincial capital of Palembang was linked to disruptions including plane delays and school closures in the region.

The campaign calls for responsible palm oil production by raising awareness of the consumer’s role in creating the poor air quality or ‘haze’ affecting the region.


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