Report reveals 18 marine technology trends for 2030

Resource / Report reveals 18 marine technology trends for 2030

By Michael Zahn / 15 Sep 2015


Lloyd’s Register, QinetiQ and the University of Southampton have published Global Marine Technology Trends 2030 (GMTT 2030), a report to support marine stakeholders to apprehend opportunities and challenges resulting from technological changes. It investigates 18 fundamental marine technology trends and their industry-wide implications on three interconnected sectors - ship design, naval power and the use of ocean space - for the next 15 years.

The 18 technologies comprise robotics, sensors, big data analytics, propulsion and powering, advanced materials, smart ship, autonomous systems, advanced manufacturing, sustainable energy generation, shipbuilding, carbon capture and storage, energy management, cyber and electronic warfare, marine biotechnology, human–computer interaction, deep ocean mining, human augmentation, and communication.



Spotted by Michael Zahn

Image credit: U.S. Pacific Fleet

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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