Dr David Agnew on 20 years of responsible fishing

Resource / Dr David Agnew on 20 years of responsible fishing

By Will Ingram / 12 Oct 2015

The Marine Stewardship Council’s Director of Science & Standards, Dr David Agnew, talks about the significance of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, which was introduced by the FAO in 1995. The Code is voluntary, which means countries do not sign-up, however most countries “recognize that they need to look at it and apply it”.

Highlighting the scale of the Code, Dr Agnew outlines that it “captures a global opinion of what is the best way to manage fisheries”, and that is has since formed a guide for many organisations, including the MSC.

Despite obstacles of difficult inter-state cooperation and the sustainability of 80% of the World’s fisheries remaining unassessed, Dr Agnew remains optimistic that the MSC will continue to act as a catalyst for change over the next 20 years. 

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Image credit: InervoDreaming / Flickr

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