The case for protein diversity

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By Will Ingram / 16 Nov 2015

A report by the Carbon Trust looks at the impact of some of the most popular protein-rich main ingredients eaten today in the UK.

The Case for Protein Diversity also explores some less common options that have the potential for wider adoption, such as pulses, meat alternatives and insects.

The key finding from the analysis is that greater levels of protein diversity would tend to result in overall benefits to individual health, and at the same time reduce the UK’s impacts on climate change, water use and land use.

The report also investigates the practical barriers to changing dietary behaviours, such as culinary skills and cultural attitudes to food, in order to understand how to drive forward positive change.

It concludes that greater diversity can be a socially acceptable way to improve health and sustainability, at the same time as providing an enjoyable, interesting and affordable diet.

Recommendations on how to improve protein diversity from the report feature:

•    Flexitarianism
•    Regulation and voluntary schemes
•    Food campaigns
•    Education and skills
•    Diversity of production and supply
•    Improving choice architecture

Image credit: Christian Guthier / Flickr

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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