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How to use the Futures Centre

Resource / How to use the Futures Centre

By Futures Centre / 15 Dec 2016

Welcome to the Futures Centre, your space to keep track of change. We are a dynamic community tracking what’s new to find opportunities for a sustainable future. Here’s how you can get the most out of the site:

1. Signals of change

Find the latest signals of change: new ideas or innovations that could change the game for sustainability in the future - in ways that are positive and negative, or just complex! 

2. Submit signals

Once you’ve sharpened your eye for this kind of change, you’ll be spotting it everywhere! Share what you see with us. The more of us who scan from across the world, the clearer our picture of where the opportunities to speed up progress will be. Anything you share with us will appear on the Futures Centre, and if we think more explanation is needed, we’ll add that in.

3. Sensemaking

Our team looks for patterns and connections between the different signals being shared, and this informs our longer ‘sensemaking’ pieces. Read these to understand the patterns in what’s changing and where the opportunities for sustainability are.

4. Trends

There are also huge and long term shifts taking place, such as climate change and population growth. Visit the trends pages for the latest on these. Based on 20 years of practical futures work with business, government and civil society, we’ve chosen the trends we think are most important in shaping the future for sustainability. We keep these up to date and use them ourselves in our futures projects. They are there as a resource for you.

5. Explorers and Projects hubs

On the Explorers and Project hubs, you can learn about Forum for the Future’s projects and go deeper into specific topics. We work with partners to engage communities on these. Get in touch if this is something you want to partner up on.

6. Search

Have a topic you’re interested in? Use the search tool to find the relevant signals and trends.

7. My collection

Bookmark the stories that stand out to you and view them in ‘My collection’. Use this tailored collection as your personal dashboard to help you track and make sense of change.

8. Horizon scan newsletters

Sign up for the monthly horizon scan newsletters so you won’t be caught unawares.

How has your experience using the Futures Centre been? We’d love to hear from you.

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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