Creating a living energy system in the UK

Resource / Creating a living energy system in the UK

By Joanie K / 29 Apr 2016

A group of visionary organisations have launched the Living Grid, a movement to create an energy network that takes inspiration from nature to deliver, store and use electricity in the most optimal way possible.  

The first phase connects organisations to smart technology that allows equipment to continuously adjust electricity consumption to balance out peaks and troughs in supply and demand. When electricity demand is high, they consume less to free up energy for other users. When supply peaks, they power up to consume excess where it’s available. This creates a self-balancing system that is much more compatible with renewable sources of energy.

The Living Grid aims to create 200MW of flexible power across the UK – enough to power 100,000 kettles – by 2020.

What might the implications of this be? What related resources have you seen?

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