Historic Futures launches supply chain risk monitoring tool

Resource / Historic Futures launches supply chain risk monitoring tool

By Will Ingram / 04 Jan 2016

After successfully piloting their new network, Historic Futures have launched a new online supply chain risk monitoring tool.

Spring3 enables brands and retailers to get the answers they need about their supply chain to manage their risk more effectively.

Knowledge of a supply chain allows a company to manage its reputational and regulatory risk.

Companies ask a question such as “where did the timber come from in this product?” which gets passed along the supply network until it reaches the organisation that can answer it. Everyone along the supply chain remains anonymous.

The risks could come from network complexity, location of suppliers, or lack of information about those suppliers.

Tim Wilson, Founder and CEO of Historic Futures, said “After many years of research and user testing we are now able to offer brands and retailers a simple way to ask questions of their supply chains and get the answers they need to support them in managing their risk more effectively.”

Image credit: Province of British Columbia / Flickr

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