Insect protein as feed for the future

Resource / Insect protein as feed for the future

By Helen Hughes / 04 Jun 2016

The protein gap in Europe is a very real risk to social, economic and environmental progress. Europe relies heavily on imports and faces growing competition for animal feed and an increasing demand for animal protein. Insects reared on organic waste have significant potential as an additional protein source to alleviate these pressures. PROteINSECT is a three year (2013-2016) EU-funded project that brought together expertise from China, Africa and Europe to encourage and enable the adoption of fly larval protein in animal feed around the world. In their white paper, PROteINSECT identified two priorities for action in Europe: a review of EC regulation and research support for a full risk profile of insects reared on organic wastes.

Resource submitted by Ivana Gazibara

Image credit: PROteINSECT

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