The first light bulb to last a lifetime

Signal of change / The first light bulb to last a lifetime

By Rich Gilbert / 26 Jul 2017

The lighting startup Blume is launching a light bulb that can last 70 years. Their radical rethink of the bulb has produced a lifetime and efficiency that is years ahead of what’s currently on the market.

Their unique design has an open ring structure providing ample air circulation around the LEDs, allowing them to run 40% cooler than the competition. This dramatic temperature reduction means the bulbs will run for 100,000 hours. At 4 hours use a day that is 70 years of light.

Releasing a single screw at the bottom of the product allows the bulb to be completely disassembled and every component to be separated. This is designed to pave the way for remanufacturing and technology upgrades.

So what?

While LED technology held a lot of promise for long product lifetimes, the industry has failed to deliver on this promise. This light bulb shows that with the right design and engineering we can make our consumer products deliver extreme lifetimes. We throw away 6 Billion light bulbs a year, the lifetime and remanufacturing of this bulb shows us that there is an alternative.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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