Democracy Earth pioneers blockchain for incorruptible post-nation governance

Signal of change / Democracy Earth pioneers blockchain for incorruptible post-nation governance

By Anna Simpson / 16 Feb 2017

Democracy Earth is using open source software and peer-to-peer networks to imagine and create a post nation-state world, where political intermediation is no longer necessary. Combining the internet with blockchain technology, the California-registered networked non-profit aims to replace the role of national governments in creating systems for identity, voting and representation. Its first offer is DemocracyOS, an open source technology for online voting, now available in 18 languages.

So what?

Networked software enables decisions to be made by a collective without the need for a central organising function. The power to ratify a decision is distributed and transparent. Once made, it cannot be undone. Blockchain technology makes this possible by offering a means to create networked ledgers to log collective decisions.

The implications for global governance are revolutionary, in that they overturn our most basic societal assumptions, including the need for states, citizenship, national identity and governing bodies. The implications range from passports to family and marriage rights, and from laws to currencies.  

Co-founder Santigo Siri concludes an inspiring introduction quoting John Lennon – “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. Scaling this is not about seeking approvals, recognition and licenses from powerful global bodies: it rests solely upon the conviction and size of the community. Wherever the collective recognises a decision or a value (as with bitcoin and other blockchain currencies), it counts. 

You can already sign up to be a citizen, entering your nation of birth: a throw-back to the olden days, where such things mattered…




What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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