Circular runways: a breakthrough in airport design?

Signal of change / Circular runways: a breakthrough in airport design?

By Gwyneth Marcelo / 05 Apr 2017
The Endless Runway is a radical and novel airport concept, which replaces the traditional stretch of runway with a loop. The concept of the Endless Runway can generate a breakthrough in sustainable airport capacity by avoiding the physical constraints of conventional runways through shifting the lift-off and touchdown points of individual aircraft. It could also save fuel per flight, cutting time aircraft spend circling congested airports in the skies.

So what?

This sort of disruptive design raises the question: what if we have been investing down the wrong lines altogether? It is a case in point that the pace of technology is increasing the risk of obsolescence of investments across a number of industries, including airport infrastructure. In the future, regulatory risk might make investments that lock industries and economies into a certain manner of operating all the more imprudent.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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