Growing market for citizen air quality monitoring

Signal of change / Growing market for citizen air quality monitoring

By Nick Drake / 17 Aug 2017

There is increasing recognition of the significant impacts on personal health from all manner of emissions including those from vehicles, industry and other everyday encounters such as dusty environments. New products are coming to market quite frequently, but Flow from Plume Labs and Eco-Life Home device both stand out as being very well designed for the consumer market.

Flow is a device which can be worn on a backpack for example and by pressing the indented button you get a quick analysis of the quality of air where you are at that exact moment. The Eco-Life Home unit plugs into a wall socket and would be able to give you an indication of air quality in your home - which can often be over-looked as it can be assumed air quality outside is the main concern.

So what?

It should be expected that this market, both for personal consumer use and for subsequent use within businesses, will continue and broaden as time goes on, giving us as individuals a better ability to understand our exposure to air quality and also make changes to lessen our exposure. 


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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