Protein produced from microbes, renewable electricity and air

Signal of change / Protein produced from microbes, renewable electricity and air

By Marta Melvin / 10 Aug 2017

Neo-Carbon Food, a project of Finnish research group Neo-Carbon Energy, funded by the Academy of Finland, has produced its first batch of single-cell protein by combining microbes with carbon dioxide taken from air in an electrolysis process, using renewable electricity. The process, which took place in a reactor the size of a coffee machine, produced a spoonful of protein powder in a fortnight. Protein produced in this way can be further developed for use as food and animal feed, and made on-site wherever renewable energy, such as solar PV, is available.

So what?

This method releases food production from restrictions related to the environment. It's part of a wider project to devise a completely emissions-free energy production future that will help to alleviate world hunger. 


We would also like to thank Samuel Smith, Gwyneth Fries and Anna Warrington for spotting and sharing with us this signal of change.

What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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