New vocabularies to describe human interconnection with nature

Signal of change / New vocabularies to describe human interconnection with nature

By Gemma Adams / 26 Apr 2017
As it becomes steadily more obvious that humanity is disrupting the Earth’s biosphere, there’s a growing need for vocabularies and narratives to describe this realisation and the complexity of humanity’s relationship with the wider world. The Bureau of Linguistical Reality was founded to collect, translate and create this new vocabulary. “Shadowtime” is one of the bureau’s terms. It describes “the sense of living in two or more orders of temporal scale simultaneously.” Landmarks, is a book containing nine glossaries of thousands of words for precise aspects of land, nature and weather, taken from more than 30 languages and dialects of Britain and Ireland. It aims to denote and defend those aspects of the living world that are vital to us and that we wish to save. It’s a lexicon that aims to give nature a ‘voice’ and to enable humanity to listen.

So what?

Words matter because they perpetuate and shape worldview. In turn, our worldview shapes the beliefs, values and actions we choose to take.

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What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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