Amazon's Alexa can now steer exoskeletons

Signal of change / Amazon's Alexa can now steer exoskeletons

By Anirudh Shah / 21 Nov 2017
Bionik Laboratories

A startup called Bionik Laboratories has paired Amazon’s Alexa AI software with its Arke lower-body exoskeleton. This allows the exoskeleton wearers to control it with their voice. The company developed the exoskeleton with spinal injury sufferers in mind but they say it could also help stroke and brain injury victims.

So what?

This new technology could become a ‘reliable assistant’ for people with physical impairments however one drawback is that the functionality only works when in range of an Amazon Echo.


Duncan Jefferies on Twitter

Slightly odd pairing, but makes more sense once you read the piece

What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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