Plant artist grows roots into geometric underground patterns

Signal of change / Plant artist grows roots into geometric underground patterns

By Heidi Hauf / 02 May 2017

In her series titled 'Interwoven', artist Diana Scherer explores the relationship between humans and nature—and in particular our desire to both cherish nature and control it. Scherer shapes plant root structures into ornate designs using specialized molds. working mostly with grass species, like oat and corn. Her underground templates—evoking cells, crystals, and honeycombs—are inspired by geometric patterns found in nature, and yet the results look distinctly man-made.

"The root system has a hidden life. I wanted to make the subterranean processes visible", comments the artist-gardener, whose process celebrates transformation 'til the very end: "After the harvest, I put it on my compost heap."

So what?

Using nature or natural materials to create art challenges the notion of a line between what is ‘man-made’ and what is natural, bringing these two closer together and helping us see ourselves as part of nature. This particular series also helps us to understand natural changing states or transformation, celebrating the fluidity of natural systems and how they cycle materials - offering lessons for human systems.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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