UK National Grid signs pan-European balancing agreement

Signal of change / UK National Grid signs pan-European balancing agreement

By Heidi Hauf / 02 May 2017

National Grid has signed an agreement with 18 other grid operators around Europe to develop a system to enable the sharing of energy balancing services across the continent.  The European Commission is establishing regulation to enable the cross-border exchange of all types of balancing services and not just frequency response. The draft regulation states that this connectivity will enhance efficiency at both the European and national level, "promoting the possibilities for exchanges of balancing services while contributing to operational security", and enabling electricity grids to absorb a growing volume of renewable generation.

So what?

Connectivity is a key attribute for resilient, renewable energy systems. Connected local energy systems provide balance for fluxes in energy supply and demand. In the same way, connectivity between systems, and across political borders, will help to balance our energy needs and enable the transition to renewable energy.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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