Smart platform to balance home energy on Scilly Isles

Signal of change / Smart platform to balance home energy on Scilly Isles

By Heidi Hauf / 02 May 2017

A smart energy project on the Isles of Scilly will develop systems to balance the islands’ supply and demand for electricity, increase use of renewables and help towards energy independence. The European Regional Development Fund project will focus on housing stock by installing an internet of things (IoT) platform, which will use home batteries, electric vehicles and heating systems to manage supply and demand.

The project will lay foundations for the wider Smart Islands programme which aims to cut electricity bills by 40%, meet 40% of energy demand through renewables, and see 40% of vehicles being electric or low-carbon - by 2025.

Chris Wright, Chief Technology Officer at the home battery company Moixa said, “[Our systems] will be scalable and flexible so they can be replicated easily to allow communities all over the world to cut carbon and benefit from the smart power revolution.”

So what?

Communities living on islands, or in remote areas that already face extreme pricing and insecure supply, are forced to think differently about their energy needs. These localised smart energy systems that work well because they are flexible, diverse, resilient, reliable and supplied by renewables, replicate many of the attributes we see in natural systems. They show us what is possible with current technology and how we can move off our reliance on fossil fuels in our energy system.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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