Two-way communication between DNOs and renewable energy generators

Signal of change / Two-way communication between DNOs and renewable energy generators

By Gemma Adams / 06 May 2017
Smarter Grid Solutions’ real-time control technology enables Distribution Network Operators (organisations that own and operate the distribution network of towers and cables that bring electricity from our national transmission network to local homes and businesses) and renewable energy operators to quickly connect and disconnect renewable energy to the network in an automated, responsive way to help keep the supply and demand for electricity in balance. Their Active Network Management technology can manage two-way powerflows and maintain voltages at optimal levels. It enables new microgrid and community energy projects to connect to the grid and existing renewable energy projects to participate more effectively and efficiently in supplying power to the grid. It has been deployed across the UK and North America.

So what?

By adding-in a layer of sophisticated software and digital communications to our existing distribution network, it could open-up new opportunities for distributed energy resources to participate in wholesale energy markets in the future: it is enabling the shift from a centralised to a decentralised network.


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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