Voice analytics technology could reveal heart disease

Signal of change / Voice analytics technology could reveal heart disease

By Anna Simpson / 15 May 2017
The Tel Aviv-based start-up Beyond Verbal Communication has released a study showing a correlation between heart disease and vocal characteristics. It aims to apply its vocal analysis technology, already being used to analyse the emotional state of consumers in call centres, to detect cardiovascular diseases. Blind tests have already shown it to identify known conditions with high degrees of accuracy.

So what?

Such technology could be used to detect heart conditions at scale, particularly in rural areas where medical tests are rare and expensive. Beyond Verbal also anticipates family members monitoring each other's health using an app on their phones.


http://www.beyondverbal.com/study-vocal-biomarkers-can-predict-likelihood-of-heart-disease/ A Dose of Data, Nikkei Asian Review, 8 May 2017

What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

suggest HMRC use the technology to understand how having to listen to the same tune on repeat for an hour before you get through to someone who doesn't understand tax law and also takes the attitude that by definition caller is a crim.... it would be great if all call centres were by law to have this and thus understand how utterly crap their service levels are or otherwise...... oh look there's a pink elephant!
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