Cheap, powerful, safe batteries in three years

Signal of change / Cheap, powerful, safe batteries in three years

By Iain Watt / 13 Feb 2018

Updates from 13 Feb 2018:

Iain Watt: Here are a couple of follow-ups from this month.  The second one suggests commercial production in 2-3 years…

Tech Guru Bill Joy's Battery Venture Raises $65 Million

Ionic developing a polymer material for solid-state batteries 'We're the key ingredient to make the new battery,' CEO says Ionic Materials Inc., a battery-material developer backed by Silicon Valley luminary Bill Joy, raised $65 million to build a production line and commercialize its technology.


Bill Joy Has 65 Million Reasons Why Solid State Batteries Are The Next Big Thing

Tech superstar Bill Joy and others have just invested $65 million into Ionic Materials, a company that says it has developed a new polymer that will make safe, stable, and low cost solid state batteries possible. What does Bill Joy know that others don't?



19 Sep 2017:

Lots of interesting signals of change in this:

Cheap, powerful, safe batteries within two to three years..?  That speeds up the already-inevitable energy transition.

Based on Aluminium?  If so, concerns about Lithium availability/cost are gone.


This Battery Breakthrough Could Change Everything | Backchannel

As technology tries to maintain its dizzying ascent, one dead weight has kept its altitude in check: the battery. Our chips keep getting faster and our data rates keep climbing, but at the end of the day-or worse, by mid-afternoon-those power meters on our screens inevitably turn to red.

So what?

This signal was also spotted by Neil Gunn.

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What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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