Argentina's President opts for meat-free Mondays

Signal of change / Argentina's President opts for meat-free Mondays

By Milly Jones / 25 Sep 2017

The Argentinian equivalent of the White House is having meat free Mondays. Since 1990, Argentina has been the second largest meat consuming nation in the world. Now, on Mondays, the 554 employees of the Casa Rosada, including President Mauricio Macri himself, will only be served vegan options, with the aim of starting conversations about healthy diets and the environment. The move has been challenged by the meat industry, which is naturally worried about the impact on its business and livelihoods.

So what?

Argentina isn’t the first country to take such a big step forward in terms of sustainable food. Portugal has recently implemented a law requiring all public institutions to offer vegan options and Germany is only serving vegetarian food at official government functions.

The move shows that governments are beginning to recognise that action needs to be taken to ensure a sustainable future for food and nutrition, and that they also recognise their own significant ability to influence public habits and behaviour. 


This signal of change was spotted by Max Elder:

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Casa Rodada (Argentina's version of the @WhiteHouse) commits to go vegan on Mondays #signalsofchange


Argentinian President Institutes Vegan Mondays

The meat-centric country's presidential cabinet feasts on plant-based foods at least once a week to reduce the environmental impact of animal agriculture. Last week, Argentina's Casa Rosada (the equivalent of the White House in the United States) announced its commitment to strictly serving vegan food on Mondays.

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Just spat out our tea #vegan #Argentina @FuturesCentre


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@AtlasFuture @FuturesCentre I have a funny story about that - too long for a tweet though


Atlas of the Future on Twitter

@NirajKSaraf @FuturesCentre Intrigued! When I lived in #BuenosAires visting friends had to explain what a vegetarian was and were often forced into a meat sabbaticals.

What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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