First subsidy-free solar farm in the UK

Signal of change / First subsidy-free solar farm in the UK

By Iain Watt / 28 Sep 2017

First subsidy-free solar farm in the UK - which hopefully is a sign of things to come.  NB. Looks like they were able to tap into an existing connection to the grid (so no connectivity costs), and that won't apply to everyone. Also there is no mention of bees / biodiversity / sheep / chickens - so not clear if the land is multiple-use, or whether it's solar only.


Clayhill, Britain's first subsidy-free solar farm, revives fading industry

Britain's first solar farm to operate without a direct subsidy opens today and is expected to generate enough power for 2,500 homes. Clayhill solar farm contains 31,000 ground-mounted panels and occupies 45 acres of farmland previously used to grow wheat and rapeseed near Flitwick in Bedfordshire.

So what?

This signal was also spotted by Rebecca Lawson:

"Great to see this unveiled today in terms of Post Fit renewables. It would be interesting to understand more about how the economics have been made to stack up, is it a case of the sheer scale or is it the storage that has been the game changer?"

The UK's first subsidy-free solar farm jolts life into the sector

The UK's first solar farm to be built and operated without a government subsidy will open in eastern England today thanks to a rapid drop in renewable energy costs, paving the way for further funding activity in the sector. The 45-acre Clayhill solar farm and energy storage facility, located in Bedfordshire, was built by energy provider Anesco.

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