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Feeding wood to fish? Protein project converts woody biomass

Signal of change / Feeding wood to fish? Protein project converts woody biomass

By Jane Boswell / 01 Dec 2017

A group of industry and research companies is aiming to address the growing protein gap in Europe and beyond by producing feed protein from wood. 

Partners in the SYLFEED project are developing a process to grow protein-rich micro-organisms on woody biomass, such as sawdust, in order to make feed ingredients. Their initial target is fish feed, with a view to expanding to other species once the concept has been proven.

So what?

The Chief Operating Officer at Arbiom – the pioneering biomass conversion company leading the initiative – claims the ‘wood to feed’ concept is economically and environmentally sustainable. Moreover, in places where more wood is grown than harvested – such as Europe and the US – it provides a use for a potential feed source that would otherwise be wasted. The process will also allow for full traceability of the product from sourcing to feed use.

And, with Arbiom having recently received a €10.9m EU funding boost to support the development of a demonstration plant in France, the partners are optimistic about proving the viability of the process and product in the coming years.


This signal was spotted by Simon Billing

Feed protein consortium can 'see the wood for the trees'

The partners want to transform non-food biomass into feed ingredients by growing protein rich microorganisms on pre-processed woody biomass - co-products of the lumber industry such as wood chips or sawdust. Arbiom, a developer of non-food biomass processing technology with operations both in France and in the US, is leading the initiative.


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Another novel protein source? New tech consortium exploring the conversion of woody biomass into protein meal for animal feed. @FuturesCentre. via @FeedNavigator

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