A conference explores impact of geoscience on mega trends

Signal of change / A conference explores impact of geoscience on mega trends

By Greg Wessel / 06 Feb 2018

Geology in the Public Interest and the American Geophysical Union, along with seven other geoscience organizations, have organized a conference on Geoscience and Society: Bridges to Global Health, Resilience and Sustainability.  The conference will be held 23-28 September 2018 at the Fairmont Southampton in Hamilton, Bermuda.   


So what?

The global community is facing significant development megatrends and multinational problems that are at root geologic in nature or that have significant geologic components.  These problems include climate change, lack of access to clean water, environmental degradation, pollution from mining and land use, and unmitigated geologic hazards.  Tackling these problems will require international and intercultural collaboration like we have never seen.  For this reason, our conference is designed to bring together geoscientists, administrators, staff, and students from government agencies, nonprofits, foundations, for-profit corporations, universities, Indigenous communities, financial institutions, and religious institutions.  Our goal is to make new connections between all of these groups as well as to answer these two questions:

Given the importance of cross-border and multi-discipline collaboration to enhancing effectiveness in solving the problems that affect us, what specific actions can we take now to improve collaboration at all levels and provide a framework to benefit the public good?  In short, how can we be better geo-diplomats?

What can we use as a simple model of how development/re-development should be structured (with specific guidelines and criteria to meet sustainability goals) that is applicable to all situations and locations when we address human health, environmental health, geologic hazards, or natural resource issues?

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What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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