Glass bottle milk deliveries on the rise in UK

Signal of change / Glass bottle milk deliveries on the rise in UK

By Shola Powell / 09 Feb 2018

Glass bottle milk deliveries are on the increase in the UK, at a rate of nearly 5% year on year.

In 1975, 94% of households had a milkman deliver their milk, which dropped to as low as 3% by 2016. Many are using glass bottle milk as a means to cut their plastic use.

So what?

Although reusable glass bottles are seen as more sustainable (can be reused up to 25 times before being recycled), this process also requires additional fuel for delivery and pickup of the bottles, as well as the sterilisation process.

Is such a rise sustainable? Can the fleet run on clean fuel? 


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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