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Typeform launches interactive article

Signal of change / Typeform launches interactive article

By Shola Powell / 12 Apr 2018

Typeform, a web-based platform designed to collect and share information in a conversational way, has launched an ‘interactive article’ allowing users to read about developments in technology and conversational interface, and engage with a virtual guide named “Paul”. Paul Campillo, the author of the article, discusses the origins of many technological advancements as technology imitating art, and references comic books, film and literature as key sources of inspiration. The interactive article allows participants to view “writer’s cut” commentary throughout the article, which can be turned on and off. The commentary allows readers to broaden their reading by providing additional information on a referenced topic upon request, as well as links to videos.

So what?

This article is a part of Typeform’s flagship category HX (Human Experience) and aims to make gathering information from articles an improved and simpler experience. The chat interactions feature aims to add value to the conversation rather than distract the reader. The chatbot opens up potential for profiling and giving readers a customised experienced based on the choices they make and past engagements.

Although interactive articles may allow readers to have an enhanced experience, what are the negative implications of having this data stored and used at a later date?


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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