Boston tech company launches probiotic Mother Dirt skincare products

Signal of change / Boston tech company launches probiotic Mother Dirt skincare products

By Zoe Le Grand / 02 Aug 2018

Boston-based Tech company AOBiome has launched a line of Mother Dirt branded probiotic skincare products.  Citing traditional soaps, detergents, and antibacterial products as problematic to skin health, the company sells a line of skincare products infused with AO bacteria, which they say promotes a healthy skin biome.

So what?

It seems like just yesterday antibacterial sprays, gels, and creams were socially normative, albeit rejected by a small minority.  Ride the tube home from work? Best rid yourself of those problematic prokaryotes before handling food.  Colleague sneezing at her desk?  Best spray or rub away those “germs” before touching your keyboard.


Could this company’s belief in a market for probiotic skincare products signal a shift in cultural norms?  Is the general public becoming more aware of the role microorganisms play in keeping people healthy? If so, could this lead to a growing appreciation for organism biodiversity as integral to healthy living systems of all scales?


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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