Research links air pollution to dementia

Signal of change / Research links air pollution to dementia

By Madeleine Wild / 22 Oct 2018

A study in the British Medical Journal has found that air pollution may increase the chance of dementia, further showing that air pollution poses a risk to people of all ages. While the study cannot establish air pollution as a direct cause of dementia, the link between air pollution and increase rates of dementia could not be explained by other factors known to increase the disease. The study found that air pollution increases the risk of dementia by 7%.

So what?

Air pollution has been linked with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases but the link with neurodegenerative illnesses is still being established. A recent study in China found that air pollution could lead to a drop in intelligence.

Will this finding prompt further research into the neurological consequences of air pollution? Will this put further pressure on local government to take action on air pollution?


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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