Lowering pollution on the daily commute in India

Signal of change / Lowering pollution on the daily commute in India

By Emma-Louise Frost / 26 Oct 2018

In some of India’s busiest cities, pollution caused by traffic congestion is being tackled by crowdsourcing digital demand for, and providing, rush hour bus routes. Targeting commuters who would otherwise use cars to get to and from work, Shuttl is delivering affordable transportation on private, air-conditioned buses, where a seat is guaranteed and women can travel alone in safety.


So What?

Shuttl is providing 35,000 journeys every day which is taking 10,000 cars off the road. Not only is this relieving severe congestion and long delays in commute time, it is also saving thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions. To make accessing the service as easy as possible for commuters, Shuttl has an app which allows passengers to book a seat on a specific route. The service has created 4000 jobs.  




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