Forest fires raging in Arctic Circle

Signal of change / Forest fires raging in Arctic Circle

By Anna Simpson / 18 Jul 2018

In Sweden, forest fires have been reported as far north as the Arctic Circle, prompting Norway and Italy to dispatch firefighting aircraft to Sweden to help contain them. A record number of public warnings have been issued. 

So what?

Fires are both a danger to biodiversity and human life, and a significant economic burden. The response of Italy and Norway to support Sweden in this instance raises questions for how neighbouring countries will share and allocate resources, and who will pay, in the case of multiple and proliferating incidents.    The loss of habitats is also a risk for the spread of zoonotic disease, as humans and wildlife come into greater contact.   What preventative measures can be put in place for a fire-prone climate?  


What might the implications of this be? What related signals of change have you seen?

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