Mahindra Group launches Glyd, an e-mobility solution

Signal of change / Mahindra Group launches Glyd, an e-mobility solution

By Zarir DeVitre / 06 Mar 2019

The Mahindra Group has launched an e-mobility service called Glyd in a move to popularise electric vehicles (EVs) in India. The app-based taxi service will be available only in Mumbai on select routes to begin with before rolling out in major cities throughout the country. Its fleet will initially consist of the company's e-Veritos which get a range of around 130 km on a single charge.


The company said that the new service will offer in-car wifi, web-conferencing, and entertainent and music content streaming from select partners. With a differentiating factor of being environmentally-friendly, the new entrant has the potential to disrupt the space currently dominated by Ola and Uber. As the country's only major supplier of batteries, motors and power transmission for EVs, Mahindra may have an advantage over its rivals.


If the new company proves successful, it would have major implications for the adoption of EVs in the country.



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