Generate power from your workout

Signal of change / Generate power from your workout

By Jennifer Revell / 20 Mar 2019

A gym in California, Sacramento Eco Fitness, is entirely powered by the use of its equipment.

The fitness equipment from SportsArt creates electricity by transferring the users’ kinetic energy into renewable power. The treadmill can generate up to 200 watts of electricity per hour through a micro-inverter built inside the machine. The gym is able to produce its own power, storing energy from busy times to use during off-peak hours.



So what?

Consumer interest in living more sustainable lifestyles is a growing trend. People have been adopting sustainable practices in their daily routine, such as replacing disposable plastic bottles for reusable ones. A wider understanding of the environmental crisis has caused behavioural norms to shift to become more eco-focused.  

The creation of eco-gyms displays a desire from consumers to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of their lives and a willingness to contribute to energy solutions. This mindset suggests that further change towards eco-friendly lifestyles becoming the social norm is possible.

Additionally, this technology encourages people to stay fit, creating power adds another motivation for their workout. People who exercise regularly have better physical and mental health. This means that they require fewer healthcare resources and are often more productive at work.

Could more opportunities to harness kinetic energy for power on a consumer level help towards solving the energy crisis?




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